Rank a new website quick – 5 things you need to do

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Here’s an indisputable fact- Knowing how to rank a new website quick is equally as important as any other necessary planning for your site.

But very often, when it comes to developing a website, entrepreneurs or business owners tend to not have a plan on their website’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to get their new website ranking.

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They know which server to deploy their site on, which backend framework to use, which developer house to collaborate with and what kind of designs they’re going after, but just not SEO.

They worked hard, hand in hand with their website developers for their new site and now it’s finally live! And then they realise no one sees their website, days, weeks or even months after it went live. Sounds like a story you’ve heard before? We are not surprise because it’s a very common business situation!

Please do not let that happen to you! In this article, we are going to share with you a few tips on how you can get your new website ranking quick and have traffic flowing into your site.

Key Takeaways

Don't ignore your SEO planning. It will only cause you more trouble in the end if your website's SEO foundation is not set right from the beginning. Here's a few tips on how you can rank your new website quick and get discovered:

# Tips 1 : Submit your website to Google Search Console for indexing
# Tips 2 : Understand the benefit of ranking on long tail keywords
# Tips 3 : Understand the benefit of localising your content
# Tips 4 : Circulating your content in local groups and spark discussions
# Tips 5 : Discover backlinks that are worth building to increase your credibility


Submitting your website to Google Search Console for indexing
Google Search Console is one of the most basic steps in getting a new site to begin its ranking but is often ignored
The main purpose of Google Search Console is to help Google index, understand and crawl your website. It also gives a certain control to site owners to see what’s happening to their site in terms of ranking, identify issues that need fixed and more!

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One of the more useful function offered by Google Search Console is submitting sitemaps. Sitemaps are basically a digital map which consist all the information about the pages you have on your site. It’s a resources you can create and pass it on to Google to help it understand your site.

Remember! The easier it is for Google to understand your site, the faster you can rank your new website! If you’re building your new website on a custom framework, you can refer to this article by Google on how you can prepare and craft a sitemap.

But if you’re building your new website on WordPress, then it’s way easier for you. With help of popular WordPress SEO plugins such as Rankmath or Yoast, you can obtain auto generated sitemaps from them and submit them to Google right away without doing or taking any extra steps.

And there you have it! After you submitted your sitemap, Google will start to index it accordingly and your website will start ranking instantly! Same goes to other search engines, you will need to submit a site map as well.


Long tail keywords rank your website quicker due to lesser competition and higher quality searches
Do you know what’s a long tail keyword? It’s a phrase made up of several keywords that if uses right, has a lot of potential in driving traffic to your new site.

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In Catalyst Digital, we like to make contents on long tail keyword as well. As it is less searched by the mass internet users, long tail keywords faces less competition from your industry and your competitors. However, unlike a singular focus keyword, long tail keywords enjoy a more quality traffic and can gradually improve your overall ranking.
Singular focus keyword Long tail keywords
Search Engine Optimisation What should I blog to improve my SEO?
Website development How do I get started with website development?
Chinese new year gift Chinese new year gift suitable for older people
Above are some examples on how you can modify focus keywords into a long tail keyword. The process is not difficult, you only need to ask yourself “what would a person like me search for when it comes to topic X.” Chances are, they will search for the same phrase as well! And there you have it, that’s one of the steps on how you can craft a long tail keyword.
Free tools like Ubersuggest, helps you to find and identify long tail keywords
Or for people who like to work with statistics, you can rely on tools like SEMrush, ahrefs and Ubersuggest. These tools will be able to provide you analytical assistance ie which keyword is the easiest to rank for, how stiff is the competition for this particular keyword, how many traffic does this keyword gathers etc.

With tools like this, capturing a long tail keyword that is worth ranking on is definitely no longer a problem!


Every prestige business starts from small little baby steps, so is your SEO.
Take a guess, which keyword here is harder to rank? Is it search engine optimisation or search engine optimisation Malaysia?

The answer is “Search Engine Optimisation Malaysia!”

The idea here is because with that keyword, search engine would know that the user is currently looking for SEO Malaysia instead of just SEO. That additional “Malaysia” would gives off many different signals to the search engine which in return, it gives back results that are more closely related to Malaysia. Hence, if your content is crafted with the word “Malaysia”, it’s definitely going to take precedent over international content and gives you up an advantage on local SEO.

Of course, the downside is that your content wouldn’t be as powerful as it can when it comes to global audience. But hey, if you can’t even capture local audience, you are not ready for global audience yet.

Starts small, there’s nothing to be ashame of! Here are some sample articles that is not related to localisation, but you can use it as reference when it comes to localising your content.

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Don't rely on organic reach! Reach out to people yourself! Social media presences helps ranking a new website as well
Good content will be appreciated no matter where you go, that’s for sure. So… rather than waiting for people to search a particular query and hope your content will show up, reach out to them first!

Spark interesting and engaging discussions, share thoughts, build a community. After all, building a community is one of the bigger marketing trends in 2020.

A digital community inspires loyal subscription to your content/ services as well as assist you to gather like minded individuals that are more likely to be interested in your business. It’s like forming a special relationship with them!

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Besides, an active social media account only means that people would get more channel to discover your business. Who wouldn’t want that! Indirectly, it might also help you to rank your new website quick!


When credible sites link to your content, it increases your credibility And search engine loves that .
Imagine this, if you’re in the education sector, running tuition centres for a living and global top ranking Universities start linking to your website and state that you’re a credible and trustworthy tuition centre. That’s going to increase your ranking by so much!

That’s because search engines do also have to fend off and weed out fake news, inaccurate content and misleading information every now and then. And in order to properly rank contents, credibility is one of the factor they look up to.

So if you want your new website to rank quick, leveraging on other credible websites can be a start! But why would they work with us right? Well, do remember that they have to stay relevant in order to retain their top ranking position as well and most of the time they are unable to segment down their content into a more useful group of information for a particular group of people.

Here’s an example: If you’re looking for a trustworthy tuition and somehow you ended up searching on a globally renowned tuition centre directory but are unable to find a tuition centre near your area. You’re going to be disappointed because such results are not what you want as time goes by, search engines are going to lower their ranking within your country/ neighbourhood. And top ranking websites do not want that.

And that’s where you come in! Offer and let them know that you have similar pieces of content that is localised for your neighbourhood or country and have them include it in their article/content! We are pretty sure they are more than happy to do that!

You can try approaching them via email.

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It’s not that hard to rank a new website, you just have to make sure you put in the work. Don’t ignore search engine’s algorithm changes, but don’t get affect by them too much either. Remember, good content always win! All the best!

But if all of these are too much trouble for you, and you’re looking to hire a digital agency and engage their services, make sure you read our article here first to avoid a bad hire.

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Jin Chi

Jin Chi

The founder of Catalyst Digital. Born in year 1995, a huge fan of blue ocean strategy as well as lean startup. You can contact him by email at [email protected]


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