5 steps you can take to improve your Facebook advertisement [2020]

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Using Facebook as a business tool to capture leads is no longer a new thing in the business world. Started as a social media platform, it had evolved into one of the must-use marketing platform for all business owners in the world. More and more business owners are slowly moving into it as well.

However, not all of them find success in the course of using Facebook advertisement as a business tool. Some of the more common issues faced by these business owners include:

(1) Attracting the wrong bunch of audience at all time, which incurs cost to them without any return
(2) Audience that are responding aren’t ready enough to purchase their services/ offer
(3) Unable to reach out to the same bunch of customers for subsequent purchase

However, all of the issues mentioned above can actually be solved by refining these business owners’ targeting strategy on Facebook. But before we show you the 5 steps you can take to improve your Facebook advertisement, make sure you’re already familiar with how Facebook advertisement works when it comes to marketing your business on it. Else, read this article to get a good initial grasp on how Facebook advertisement works as a marketing tool. Without further ado, let us begin.

Key Takeaways
Facebook excels in bringing your offer/ services/ products in front of people. You only have to ensure that you assist Facebook to bring it in front of people that will be extremely/ moderately interested in your advertisement.

Here's 5 steps you can take to improve your Facebook advertisement:

1) Picture you perfect audience and their characteristics
2) Give them a reason to engage you with a marketing funnel
3) Adding personalition to the message and visuals you want to present to your audience
4) Utilise the power of ads manager and carry out A/B testing
5) Engage Facebook Pixel to turn cold/warm leads into hot leads

At the end of these practices, we can guarantee that your Facebook advertisement would be able to perform at a much better rate.


Know how to picture your perfect audience
Imagine your "perfect" audience and their characteristics
Knowing your customers is one of the top ranking priority within any businesses. You can’t make business strategy or sell your products/ services without know which type of audience would need them.

It’s the same when it comes to marketing strategy. You have to know:

  • what kind of pain points are they having
  • why your product/ service will be a perfect solution to it
  • what is their occupation/ profession
  • what is their living habits
  • what is their spending power level
  • And more

To make advertisement that appeals to them. If your advertisement is made without a perfect audience in mind, then don’t be surprise if you’re not attracting the right audience and your advertisement doesn’t work. You’re not being clear from the start anyways!

Not sure where to begin? No worries, just download the “How to refine my targeting on Facebook guide” at the end of the article, follow the exercise there and you should have a clear answer at the end.


Create a marketing plan and funnel for your audience
Give them a reason to engage with your advertisement
Facebook advertisement is only useful if your audience engages with what you posted. There’s no point doing everything right, but no one is engaging with your advertisement. And that’s where marketing funnel comes in.

Having a marketing funnel is crucial, however, most business owners are unaware of it. They believe strongly in the old sayings of “Good products sell itself” and “how customers will always take more effort to learn about great products.”

That’s why many of these business owners jump onto Facebook advertisement with certainty that their campaign is flawless, only to be slapped with disappointment later the day.

Remember, people today buy and take action with a reason. And the job of a marketing funnel is to provide them a reason to engage you at the right time. Here are some examples that your marketing funnel would need to address:

  • Why your product instead of your competitor’s?
  • Why purchase now instead of later?
  • Why must I purchase your product?
  • And more

If your advertisement can’t convince them to stop what they are doing and focus on you, then it’ clearly not good enough.


Adding personalisation to the message and visuals you want to present to your audience
Be in their shoe!
Once you’ve identify your audience and successfully attracts them to your advertisement, you’re ready for the next step – Personalised your advertisement for them.

Imagine if you’re selling a software for business to capture more leads and your perfect audience is “business owners”, you can use an introduction that is more closely related to them.

Here’s an example:

  • Hundreds of business owners like you have managed to utilise this tool to triple their sales, check it out!
  • Finding more customers is always a huge headache to business owners. Here’s how you can solve it!

The trick here is to utilise information that you already know about them to your advantage. In this case, if we know “business owners” are the audience we want to target, you can expressly write that out to increase the relativity.

When you write out a copy writing or a message that they can relate, they will tend to engage with your advertisement even further.


Facebook Ads Manager
Learn about the metrics and utilise it to your advantage.
Lots of business owners tend to think that running a Facebook campaign is a one-off work, leaving their advertisement unattended after it’s running on Facebook. And this is why most of them failed at completely mastering and using Facebook advertisement to their advantage.

Facebook advertisement is not a one-off work. One would need to learn how to monitor their Facebook advertisement and decipher different data points to improvise their advertisement. Here’s a few example:

  1. Frequency– This metric represents how many times a user have seen your advertisement on Facebook. It’s very important because it will let you know if your advertisement is currently at its fatigue point and you need to switch your advertisement out for something newer.

  2. Click-through-rate (CTR) – This metric represents how many times a user clicked on your advertisement. This metric represents how interesting/ appealing your advertisement is to your audience. According to databox, the average CTR across industry is only 0.9%. As a benchmark, you would want to get your advertisement to be at least equal or higher than 0.9%. Anything lower than that, it just means that you Facebook advertisement is not attractive to your audience at all.

These are some of the more important metrics you should know about. You can find them under your ads manager. At the end of this article, we will introduce you to a few more.

To collect data, you simply need to run your advertisement. It’s that simple. But if you were to run them 1 by 1, it would take quite some time before you can gather a good set of data. That’s when method such as A/B testing comes in, this method speeds up the data collection process.

What is A/B testing? A/B testing basically means that you would run two or more set of advertisement at the same time, with a set of fixed differences, so you can monitor which advertisement performed better with your audience under the same condition but 1 different point. You can find more information about A/B testing with an article by optimizely here.


Engaging customers to increase your sales or convert them into sales
Facebook pixel helps you reach people that know you,
Facebook Pixel is easily not used by more than 50% of business owners running advertisement on Facebook. It’s not shocking, because if you think learning how to run a Facebook advertisement is hard enough, wait till you come across Facebook Pixel.

What is Facebook Pixel? Facebook Pixel is a tool created by Facebook, a tracking device, to track actions/ movement/ views and more on your advertisement as well on your website. You can learn more about Facebook pixel here.

Facebook Pixel is one tool that you should definitely use along your advertisement because it helps you to re-engage your audience and provide them with new set of information to interest them further to take action. Most people are not ready to take action/ purchase/ opt into your offer on the first engagement because many factors.

They might be busy with a task on hand. Or have lots of questions for you and are not answered yet. Facebook Pixel gives you the power to encourage your audience to take action. You can use it to run advertisement that only appear to people who have already seen your advertisement before, creating a multiple engagement point instead of one.



Incorporating Facebook advertisement into your business is never a wrong move. All you need to do is to remember to treat it as a plant, which you need to take care of and water every single day. Do not treat it as a one-off task.

Once you start implementing all the steps we mentioned above, you should easily see a massive improvements with your Facebook campaign. Once you do that, return to here again and let us know how it goes! We are always excited and happy to hear about your progress.

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Exclusive marketing tips content
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