5 Newsletter marketing strategy you must have in 2020

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Newsletter marketing is an essential component of a digital strategy for a business in 2019. And it continues to be the same in 2020.

If you’re reading this article, we assume that you already know how beneficial newsletter marketing is to your business.

But if you are still not convinced, you should really read the article by Constant Contact, an email marketing platform on all the different reasons you should run one.

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Nevertheless, let’s dive into today’s topic which is 5 newsletter marketing strategy you MUST have in 2019.

Key takeaways: Having a newsletter marketing campaign in place for your business is always beneficial.

Not only does it lowers your cost in the long run on capturing new, potential customers but it also helps you to retain the existing clients.

However, running a newsletter marketing campaign that is effective requires proper planning & strategy. Afterall, you're putting a lot of time and energy to get this campaign going!

Here are some components you definitely must-have for your newsletter marketing campaign:

(1) Personalised approach
(2) Implement your call-to-action correctly
(3) Onboarding new customers
(4) Segmentation of your customers
(5)A proper opt-in form with option to unsubscribe

If you prefer to view the slides as PDF instead, click here to view the slides in PDF format.


Do you know? According to onlineincometeacher.com, having a personalised email increases your email click through rate (CTR) by about 14%! That’s a crazy number.

As compared to a general email approach, in which maybe 1 recipient would read your email out of 10 recipients; You now can have up to 1-2 more recipients opening your email and read it by using personalised email. Imagine all those extra revenue you can generate from that!

But what does personalised email actually means?
Personalised email for newsletter marketing

Have a look at the two similar drafted email above.

If you’re John from Fruity cupcakes & Co, which email do you think you would click through and have a glance at? 

The key of personalizing your email is to be able to automatically send out dozen of emails but still make it appear as if you had written it yourself. To be able to achieve this effect, you can follow our tutorial  video below: 

Watch: Catalyst Grow – How to send out bulk emails that are personalised ( Email series )

This way, you can just focus on writing one single template and still have it personalised when sending it to multiple people. Saving you time while enhancing your efficiency.


If you go back to the drafted email comparison picture above, you can see that we actually used the phrase  “We’ve attached the strategy we crafted in a pdf format below for your perusal.” as the course of action we want our potential prospect to take.

In another words, we want John to download the PDF document we attached in the email.

Now while this is the course of action we want John to take, John might be unaware of this. Or John doesn’t know where to look for the attached documents.

Thing is, a hundred things could go wrong in terms of user journey. And the best practice is always to optimise that to minimise any possibility of failed conversions due to our actions. So what would be the better course of action?

An improvised or better call-to-action you can implement is to hyperlink your call-to-actions within the email itself.

Call to action practice for effective newsletters

This way, the reader can click on the text to take the action you want them to take immediately without navigating around. 

Plus, they will be able to see what you are offering instantly due to the colour contrast. Isn’t that sweet! 


This is the section which most of the businesses tend to ignore.

Note: If you do not have this component in your newsletter marketing campaign, you are already doing it wrong. (For real) 

When a customer first joined your newsletter database, it means that they finally have some loyalty, trust & interest in your brand. 

Maybe they just bought your products, or just opted in to your services or finally believe in your content after watching your videos or reading your blogs for months! Do keep in mind that it is very rare for a new potential prospect to subscribe to your channel or your newsletter when they first came across your content.

It takes them months or years before they have a significant interest in what you’re doing and voice their support for you.

So please don’t ignore them.

Making the first contact with your new followers
Imagine if you were to just drop your new follower an email saying Hi and offer them a 20% discount coupon on their subsequent purchase, you would have to increase your brand loyalty and revenue easily! 

And what’s even better? There’s no cost involved! You don’t even have to pay a single cent when you do this, not even your time!

Yes, you can automate the onboarding process.Want to see it in action? Subscribe to our newsletter here and see the magic.  You will receive a boarding e-mail next, fully automated. No one is actually clicking the send button.


Remember, the key to personalisation is to deliver your message as if you’re catering it to a particular individual only.

And to do that, you would need to gather tons of data. As many as possible.

Learn the names of your subscribers, their email address, their birthday, their address, their instagram handle etc. The more data you have on  your subscribers database, the better your newsletter marketing campaign can be.

Newsletter form for newsletter marketing
You can easily do this with Catalyst Digital’s favourite email marketing platform: Mailchimp

Customised your sign up forms so you can collect data. But beware, do not add too many rows & questions because it might make the user journey a terrible experience and they might not fill-up the form!

The key is to have a good balance of what needs to be done!


Do you what is the worst mistake a company can make on their newsletter marketing campaign?

Not reminding their followers where or when did they opted into your newsletter list.

Think about it, everyone hates spam. And if you don’t remind them when did they subscribed to your newsletter, they are going to treat your newsletter as spam or even add you to their blacklist!

That’s a customer you will never be able to reach out to via email again. Ever! Not everyone is able to recall what they did yesterday or a couple of hours ago, don’t make it hard for your visitors. Make it clear when you approach them.

People also hates it when you’re forcing to do something that they don’t want to.

For example: Forcing them to stay on your newsletter list when they don’t want to!

It’s very important that you respect people’s privacy and preference when it comes down to how you use their personal data. Do remember that they are the one who signed up for your newsletter in the first place using their own personal information.

They should be given the ultimate decision to stay or unsubscribe with your newsletter list.

Unsubscribe button ( Newsletter marketing)

Luckily, Mailchimp is well versed with what makes a good newsletter for any businesses. They also incorporated features such as unsubscribe button by default into your newsletter email.

As long as you don’t remove them, you should be fine.


With newsletter marketing being free and it being one of the most effective ways to re-engage your customers, it’s a no brainer not to incorporate this into your business marketing strategy. If you need help on setting up a newsletter marketing campaign for your business, reach out to us.

In the scenario that you’re just starting out on building a marketing strategy for your business and is concern about the cost, don’t worry! There are multiple ways for a business to market themselves for FREE!

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But just in case you’re looking to hire a digital agency to do this for you, look out for the red flags! Make sure they are the right hire.

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Do remember to subscribe to our newsletter if you want more content like this and if you love how Catalyst Digital work with newsletter marketing campaign and would like to start a project with us, start by clicking here to get more information.
Jin Chi

Jin Chi

The founder of Catalyst Digital. Born in year 1995, a huge fan of blue ocean strategy as well as lean startup. You can contact him by email at [email protected]


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