5 free marketing tools to kick start any marketing campaign [2020]

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 There are many reasons why SMEs can’t grow or seem to break out of the red ocean. One of them is the fact that they have low or zero financial capabilities to advertise and market themselves. They became “just another business” within their industry. They are also constantly chasing & finding more customers.

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Unlike large corporations, they just don’t have the money to invest in marketing to better brand themselves. Thankfully, with the advancement of technology, there are many marketing tools out there that small businesses can now equip to market themselves for FREE!
Here are 5 free marketing tools the team had compiled into a list to better assist SMEs to kickstart their marketing campaign today!

Key takeaways:
Marketing nowadays can be done for FREE and equally as EFFECTIVE if you know the trick around. Here are some tools you can begin with.

(1) Zapier
This tool allows you to connect multiple social media platforms together. You can create content easily on 1 single platform and have it distributed to other platforms.

(2) MailChimp
This tool allows you to compile a list of existing customers as well as new customers. You can then focus on engaging them and converting them into a loyal and recurring customer by sending the latest updates, offers as well as promotion.

(3) Google My Business
Google My Business allows you to list your shop on Google along with your information for FREE! Your visitors now can view your opening hours, services that you provide, contact you and more on Google now

(4 & 5) Facebook & Instagram
These two tools need no introduction. Do you know you can actually set up a business page in both platforms? Almost all people are using these two platforms nowadays to socialise. You could not afford not to have your business listed there for FREE.


Zapier is an automation tool. Entrepreneur and small businesses can equip it to manage and utilise multiple social media platforms to their fullest potential.
Marketing tools : Zapier
Source: Google Trends
How do we use it in our agency? Well, we link our blog together along with a Zapier zap. Hence, whenever we post a new post in a website, it will get posted on all of our social media ie: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. How useful is that!

You don’t need a website to use this tool but it works even better with one.

Do you have a website built on WordPress? If you do, click here to view or download our step by step guide towards automation using Zapier for FREE!


Mailchimp is a newsletter marketing tool. Entrepreneur and small businesses can equip it to build a list of newsletter containing existing customers and new customers.
Marketing tools : Mailchimp
Source: Mailchimp
This tool is powerful because it allows you to engage with customers that had already used/ are interested your services and products before. By the way, you don’t even need to have a website to start using this tool!

You can then send out any latest promotions, offers as well as updates to a bunch of like-minded individuals towards your business.

Not sure if email marketing is still relevant in 2019? Think again. It is one of the most relevant method to do marketing nowadays, check out this article by Optin Monster on “ Is Email Marketing Dead.

If you want it to work even more, you can also collect visitor’s email using your website. Sweet!


Google My Business is a tool developed by Google. Entrepreneurs and small businesses can equip it to list information about your company, services that you offer, opening hours as well as contact method for FREE.
Marketing tools: Google My Business
Source: Google My Business
Google My Business is a very simple and efficient marketing FREE tool. It reduces and removes the need to click into your website to obtain any information about your business.

Don’t have a website? It works fine without one too! But you have the option to list it too if you have one. That would definitely boost the traffic towards your website.

From the perspective of user journey, having your business listed on Google My Business is definitely a plus point. You can even view the reviews your customers gave you and reply to their enquiries. Very useful indeed!


We are pretty sure that everyone knows this. You can actually use Facebook or Instagram to set up business pages that represents your business professionally.
Marketing tools: Facebook and Instagram
Source: Google My Business
If you use Facebook or Instagram frequently, you would know that this is not a new feature. A business page works the same way as Google My Business would.

It allows you to post new updates, share photos, post stories and build your follower base. Increasing your online presence and providing you a way to communicate and engage your audience.

Works even without a website!

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And there you have it! 5 best free tools you can use to kickstart your marketing campaign today!


So the next time you are still sad about not having the budget for marketing campaign, think again. You can basically do it for FREE using our guide above! Happy marketing!

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Most of these tools work without the need of having a website. But if you love how Catalyst Digital worked with their FREE marketing tools and would like to build a website/ marketing campaign with us, start by clicking here to get more information.
Jin Chi

Jin Chi

The founder of Catalyst Digital. Born in year 1995, a huge fan of blue ocean strategy as well as lean startup. You can contact him by email at [email protected]


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Join us on our journey to help more schools reach out to their perfect audience and make education transparent and accessible for everyone.

Exclusive marketing tips content
Free marketing e-book every 3 months
Free for a lifetime