3 Facebook advertisement ideas you can copy for 2020

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These days, competition can be extremely fierce. And definitely don’t expect the competition to get any lower in 2020, it’s only going to get harder instead! The same goes for ad space, do you really think running Facebook advertisement without a funnel would work these days? Think again!

Today, to obtain clients, just running ads no longer works. You have to put in effort to develop a sales & marketing funnel. Within your funnel, you have to first approach your potential prospect, and slowly transition them from cold leads into warm/ hot leads. To give you a better picture, read an article we have on consumer trends today.

That being said, there are many other ways to gather new potential prospect. You can run newsletter marketing, ask a referral from friends and existing clients, or even cold calling someone. But one of the more popular ways is of course, Facebook advertisement. Yes, it’s still one of the more famous marketing platform.

But have you ever thought to yourself: “Man, I wish someone could write an article about Facebook ads that I should run for my business in 2020 so I can adopt it right away .”

Well guess what. Here it is! The list you’re looking for – “3 Facebook advertisements ideas you should copy for year 2020.”

However, before you read this article. We hope that you already have some Facebook marketing basics. If not, please check out a Facebook article we wrote for beginners.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Key takeaways :

Competition is only going to get higher and harder in 2020. So how do we stand out from our peers and continue to grow our business strategically?

Here are 3 Facebook advertisements idea you can copy for year 2020:

(1) Running a quiz as part of a lead generation campaign coupled with killer landing page

(2) Throwing an irresistible offer out using Facebook advertisement and upsell using newsletter marketing funnel

(3) Enable free download of a piece of content coupled with a lead generation funnel and upselling using newsletter


Facebook advertisement idea #1
Quiz as an attraction towards part of a lead generation campaign
This campaign idea is a killer one and definitely one of our favourite. The idea behind is actually, nothing too fancy.

By triggering the right emotional points of our audience, the quiz can easily act as a bait which seeks to turn them from just a potential prospect client to cold/ warm leads easily.

Let us share with you what we did for one of our client:


Within our copywriting, we use words like “ Only 3 out of 10 would be…” This kind of statement immediately draws in the attention of the reader and guide them to compare themselves with the statistics stated.

It also causes curiosity for the readers, to eagerly see if they are different compared to the others.

Hence, when they are actually putting down their leads and answering your questions. They don’t feel like they are actually being hardsell or filling up a lead form.

They feel at ease, like just answering a questionnaire to verify their own knowledge. That’s the trick.


After they fill up the questionnaire, that’s when you bring in the final blow. After they are done with your questionnaire, redirect them to a landing page of yours with the right answer.
Kingsgate quiz landing page
Altering and educating your prospects accordingly in a subtle manner
The right answer can change and alter your audience’s mindset towards your services or products in a subtle way. You don’t really have to mention your product or your services within the right answer.

The point here is to educate and guide your audience to share the same viewpoint as you. You can do that by explaining why A is the right answer and justify it with all the strong points you have.

Make sure you sound genuine here, don’t lie!

If you do it right, they are pretty much already a “warm lead” because they are now more likely to transition into a paying customer. Sweet right!


Further call to action on landing page
Call-to-action for landing pages to turn cold leads into warm leads
At the end of the landing page, remain polite and ask if they would like to learn about your product. This will act as an invitation.

Remember to throw in an offer they can’t resist, so they will continue further down your funnel.

Let me give you an example, let’s say I’m selling a water kettle.

I will write something like:

“ Compared to all the other water kettles in the market, the fact that our water kettles have all 5 characteristics mentioned above and at least 20% lower in price made us the preferred choice among consumers in Malaysia.

And today, you can bring one home with shipping fee waived by us.”

FACEBOOK ADVERTISEMENT #2 : Throwing an irresistible offer out and upsell using newsletter marketing funnel

Facebook advertisement idea ( Irresistible offer )
Creating irresistible offer and a low barrier of entry for prospects to transition into clients
The logic behind this digital strategy is to quickly capture as many prospects as you can and convert them into paying customers as fast as possible.

Not necessarily to make profit in the first place, but it’s all about acquiring customers at a cheap price. Once that’s done, you have to maintain a good customer relationship with them. Nurture them into recurring customers using good customer loyalty practices and increase your business’s profit using appropriate upselling.

This can be achieved using a well structured Facebook advertisement as well as newsletter marketing funnel.

But before that, if you really think newsletter marketing is dead, think again. Have a look at one of the articles we wrote on newsletter marketing.

It’s proven that newsletter marketing is very much alive and if you know how to utilise it, it will reward you handsomely. Here’s our idea on how you can create an interesting funnel using Facebook advertisements and newsletter together.


First, we start off by creating an irresistible offer. The idea here is not to make profit, but by quickly converting them into paying customers and retain them in our database.

Let me give you an example, if you’re running a carwash shop, sit down with your team and plot out a membership plan.

Make sure you make it irresistible but at the same time, not causing you to lose any money in the process. Make the offer as lucrative as you can, you will be using it as a bait.

Here’s something they can resist:

"Join our yearly membership for a year for just MYR 365 and enjoy car wash at only MYR1 per wash! On top of that, enjoy RM10 off on every additional services you are interested in."

On first glance, this seems to be an irresistible offer right? It puts every benefit and up side to the consumers and it looks as if the business itself is absorbing every single cost.

But actually this is not the case. What’s happening here is actually lowering the barrier of entry for a consumer.

You don’t generate revenue from your customer upfront, you do it afterwards.


Unsubscribe button ( Newsletter marketing)
Crafting newsletter
Once they opt into your membership, that’s when the real game begins. Every month, make sure you have a newsletter crafted and ready for your members.

You can talk about an offer you have specifically for that month, or even a product that you have that month, on a special price for members only. If possible, think about implementing a referral program within your membership as well.

An example can be like:
Get your friend to join our membership and both of you can get a FREE car waxing treatment on the house!

All and all, the key point here is to make your members feel special. When it comes to crafting newsletter, never ever use generic template and send out bulk emails without personalisation. This will improve the relationship between your business and your members.

Make sure you make it as personalised as possible. Better still, if you can, implement automated welcome on board emails as well as birthday greetings. Keep them engaged at all times.


When you have gathered enough data, Facebook have this function called the “look alike audience.” It can feed data to Facebook where it can, then, find and pinpoint other users on its platform that are similar to your newsletter database.

This ensures that you always have a way to draw new prospects and get your strategy going. Do it right and you can run this campaign idea for a year! It would still work!

There you go! Second Facebook advertisement idea for 2020 : Acquiring customer using irresistible offer and upselling using newsletter.


A sample of free content download you can get your audience to download
Facebook advertisement ideas like this are nothing new, but you still see it every now and then. That’s because it’s just so effective and irresistible to a point.

You can draw in a lot of cold leads with appropriate copywriting such as:

“I used to lose money on Facebook advertisement. I mean, who wouldn’t? The interface as well as the settings behind can be really confusing for a beginner.

But after crafting and running ads for about 2 years, I’ve successfully cracked the code.

With my top 5 winning advertisement secrets, I no longer lose money. In fact, I’m consistently making 2x - 3x on my advertisement budget.

I want to share this secret with you for FREE. Tap the button below to download it today.”


That being said, if you are offering the content download for FREE. You might gather a significant number of leads, but you will still need to filter them accordingly.

Here’s a trick on how you can bypass that filtering stage- Making people pay a small sum for it.

But here’s the trick, by asking them to pay a small fee then you’re asking for some value upfront. In that case, you have to make sure the value you’re putting across to them is so much more bigger than just a downloadable content.”

Example of things with value

(1) Craft and curate an entire e-book and attach a value to it. State that you're normally selling it a X price, but today you're giving it for FREE but they have to cover shipping fees.

-What this does is that it creates enough resistance to exclude people that are less committed while opening doors to those that are more interested.


Once you’ve collected a significant amount of leads and your newsletter database is now abit more constructed, you can finally upsell them from time to time.

But remember you also need to keep them engaged and stay in the loop throughout all time. If you just leave them alone after obtaining their leads, and then appear out of nowhere to upsell them your services/products.

It won’t work.


Personally, we really love these unique campaign ideas that we generated. We too, would also be using some of the ideas here for our own campaign in the year 2020.

Remember, the key to capture new prospect clients today is to provide value and nurture them accordingly to transition them into ready buyers. Apply one of the ideas we gave and you should definitely see an improvement in acquiring new customers. Not sure if you should be digitalising your business?

Read: 3 things you need to know for digital strategy in 2020

But if you are really tight on budget, hey no worries, there are ways to market your business for FREE.

Read: 5 free best tools for small businesses to start their marketing campaign  

If you need any help, send a message in to us! All the best on planning your digital strategy for 2020! If you want to love this content and would like to read more, do remember to subscribe to our newsletter. If you love  Catalyst Digital and would like to start a project with us, start by clicking here to get more information.
Jin Chi

Jin Chi

The founder of Catalyst Digital. Born in year 1995, a huge fan of blue ocean strategy as well as lean startup. You can contact him by email at [email protected]


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