2 reasons why Facebook marketing is not getting you your audience [MY]

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Our disclaimer on Facebook marketing:

Now, before we begin, do note that this article is solely for education & sharing purposes seeks to improvise and provide further clarity to local Malaysian businesses to fully utilise Facebook marketing to their advantage.

Any references made to Non-Malaysian living/working in Malaysia are not done with the intention to discriminate, diminish, belittle,  disregard or any words with similar meaning with regards to their basic human rights, especially on their digital rights.

Have you ever ran an advertisement for Malaysian on Facebook in anticipation of obtaining new Malaysian clients but instead, getting bunch of Non-Malaysian engaging with your ads and taking up your marketing budget?

If this sounds like a problem you’re facing, read on to see why is this happening to you.

Key takeaways: It's important to know that immigrant workers should also be treated well & equally as a human being. Just because they are far away from home, working in a total foreign and new environment does not mean that they should get treated unfairly compare to locals.

They should be free to engage with Facebook and any content within. However, generally, the reason why you are not getting the Malaysian audience you want for your Facebook ads includes:

(1) Wrong type of advertisement format
(2) A targeting strategy of too wide & general


The first issue is due to you unknowingly chosen “Engagement” as the format for your advertisement. Before you try to argue that you didn’t, read on to see what we mean by that. 

But first, do understand how an Engagement advertisement works. For engagement, Facebook are programmed by default, to deliver the most “Likes, comment and share” for your post. And think about it, what type of users tend to spend more time liking and engaging with contents on Facebook? 

It’s our friend from other country working in Malaysia! 

Due to them being unfamiliar with the geographic of Malaysia, they do not know where they can seek entertainment after their work hours. Unlike locals, they wouldn’t go to the bar to drink with their friends, or even go to the movies. Hence, Facebook is their main source of entertainment, because it’s something they are familiar with and it’s cost efficient as well. Therefore, when you have chosen “Engagement” as your advertisement format, Facebook tend to show your ads to them because they will like, comment and share your content with the slightest hesitation. 

Wait a minute…….

But…. I’ve not selected ” engagement ” as the format for my advertisement!
Really? Try to recall. How did you normally run an advertisement in the past?

You clicked the “boost post” button on your regular posting didn’t you?


“Boost post” ensures/ are programmed to deliver the most page likes, comment, likes and share for your Facebook page. And in theory, they work towards the same purpose as an engagement advertisement! 

And this is how you’ve selected “Engagement” unknowingly. In fact, this is actually not the right way to advertise on Facebook. It does work sometimes and in specific scenario, but should always be used with caution and only if you know how to utilise it.

So what is the right way to advertise on Facebook?

Read: All you should know about Facebook marketing and how to get started. This article written by us should also provide you with a basic idea on how to utilise digital marketing on the Facebook platform.


What do we mean by this?

Imagine if you’re targeting law students for a law event, do you place ” interest in law” as one of your primary targeting criteria?

The answer is you don’t! Because “interest in law” is a criteria that is too wide, people that would have an interest in law doesn’t just include people currently studying law, but it also includes any citizen concern with politics or any court proceedings.

You may use a criteria of “interest in law” but “studying a LLB Degree” or “law degree” would be so much better and it excludes the ordinary citizen from an actual law student. Similarly if you’re selling cosmetic products and you want to sell it to Malaysian audience. Do you place “interest in beauty/cosmetic products” as one of your primary targeting criteria? 

The answer is yes. But you would also need to couple it with another few more criteria to refine your funnel. If you leave it as it is, with only one criteria “interest in beauty”, you would definitely have targeted our non-Malaysian friends as well.
So how do we ensure that we have our funnels right? The foundation of a good Facebook marketing campaign afterall, is by crafting a good funnel. 

By crafting a good funnel, you ensure that the right and relevant people are able to engage and see you ads. That’s how you create a chance for them to convert to your customer. 


With Facebook still being one of the best social media platform for you to run your marketing campaign you can’t afford to not have any advertisement running on Facebook. Don’t be discouraged just because your advertisement is not getting the audience you want.

Instead, try to look into the two points we’ve mentioned above and reflect it onto your marketing strategy. I’m pretty sure Facebook will provide you with a positive ROI very soon once you feed it the right data for the right action.

Make sure you also download our FREE basic Facebook marketing template here. Fill in the details within the template and you should be able to have a clearer picture!

In the scenario that you’re just starting out on building a marketing strategy for your business and is concern about the cost, don’t worry! There are multiple ways for a business to market themselves for FREE!

Read: 5 Best free tools for small businesses to start their marketing campaign

But just in case you’re looking to hire a digital agency to do this for you, look out for the red flags! Make sure they are the right hire.

Read: 5 red flags on wrong digital agency hire

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Jin Chi

Jin Chi

The founder of Catalyst Digital. Born in year 1995, a huge fan of blue ocean strategy as well as lean startup. You can contact him by email at [email protected]


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Join us on our journey to help more schools reach out to their perfect audience and make education transparent and accessible for everyone.

Exclusive marketing tips content
Free marketing e-book every 3 months
Free for a lifetime